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Monday, July 10th, 2006

Time:9:20 pm.
Mood: sick.
I haven't written in this thing in ages, but am of the opinion that switching continents is cause for a livejournal entry.

I'm in Canberra, Australia, which is the political capital and is located somewhere between Sydney and Melbourne. It's winter here, and I've already managed to get myself sick, probably due to the fact that they do not have central heating in most places in Oz and it gets quite cold at night.

There are plenty of differences between here and the States, and I notice more of them every day. That said, I'm making some Aussie friends, am now friends with some Americans from my exchange program (besides Mike, although it isn't as if we've stopped being friends or anything), and have met a fair amount of exchange students from other countries as well. I met two Japanese kids last night at dinner, a Russian, and my neighbor is a Bangladeshi who lived in Zimbabwe for most of his life but now lives in South Australia. I would say that this is quite the international campus.

Anyway, I feel like I had a lot of things to say when I set out to write this entry, but they've all left me now.
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Monday, April 24th, 2006

Subject:goddamn, that's what you need.
Time:11:56 am.
Mood: hungry.
2.5 weeks of classes. (ending May 9)
final exams. (May 15-19)
reunion and commencement. (May 25-28)
home for ~a week
san francisco for ~a week (June 4-11?)
australia (July 2-Nov 19/20 or so)

So yeah, if you're going to be around at the end of May/beginning or June or the second half of June, we should hang before I leave for the Land Down Under.

If anyone wants cheesy postcards with koalas on them or something, let me know.
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Time:10:05 pm.
Places I will (hopefully) see within the next 6 months:
-Maryland/ DC
-Long Island (...not like that's a new thing)
-San Francisco/ Bay Area
-New Hampshire

If I haven't seen you in a long time, we should arrange something for early summer/ some time this semester because I won't be around for a long time after that.

...I really don't have much to say in these journals anymore.
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Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Subject:Now my heart is an open door...
Time:1:26 pm.
Mood: amused.
Hello, friends:

Scott Stapp from CREED and 311 BRAWL... for serious.
Click on it. You know you want to.

If I had to organize some fights between relatively lame musical artists and really lame artists, they might go something like this:
  • Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows (Ok, their music is fine, but the fact that he wears a WIG of dreadlocks is automatic grounds for lameness) vs. the born again Christian guy from Korn
  • Ste from BBMak vs. Avril Lavigne (Avril would totally win, but it'd be funny while it lasted)
  • Frankie J (you know, one of those singer dancer guys who is basically the same as Usher/ Mario/ Omarion) vs. Shifty Shellshock of Crazy Town
  • JoJo vs. Hilary Duff (self-explanatory)

In other news, it's totally Tammy's 20th birthday. She's no longer a teenager... whoaaaa. She's officially a twenty something. Tammy has the same birthday as the following people:

-Britney Spears
-Nelly Furtado
-Monica Seles
-Lucy Liu
-Michael McDonald
-Gianni Versace
-Maria Callas
-Charles Ringling

Pretty sweet.

I think I have to wear a skirt tonight because I'm going to a cocktail party. I realized that I have like 5 skirts total, and only 2 that I brought to school with me. I think that qualifies as a skirt defiiciency. I should fix that.

That is all.
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Sunday, November 13th, 2005

Subject:::Turkish Turkish Turkish::
Time:1:59 pm.
Mood: refreshed.
That's what goes through my head every time I listen to Tarkan because I have absolutely no idea what the hell he's saying. The Turkish language is such a mystery to me.

Thanks to David Gardnerface, I now know "how Nashua" I am:
I scored a 83% on the "How Nashua Are You?" Quizie! What about you?</b>

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and that I can go to the Turkey Bowl and see people instead of staying miserable in NYC for the duration of the "vacation." Ha that rhymed.

This weekend, I:
+ Had a cosmopolitan (it was good)
+ Saw the most bizarre puppet show ever
+ Went to the most awesome poetry slam ever
+ Went to a goodbye party because one of my friends is leaving Wesleyan... :( but that had an open bar :)
+ Had a cemetery adventure with Princess ("Zach") and FreakFace ("Emily")
+ Sat on Foss Hill with an oddly shaped dog
+ Hung out with people tripping on acid (I was not on acid)
+ Watched nature documentaries with my favorite Polish people... until I fell asleep, at least
+ Found a book about New Hampshire history with a huge section on Nashua written in the 1860s while I was at work
+ Listened to far too much Christmas music
+ REARRANGED MY ROOM instead of doing my homework

That is all. Also, Lance Armstrong and SHeryl Crow are engaged? ew. Just... ew all over the place.
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Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Subject:Science Library : friend or foe?
Time:7:05 pm.
Mood:totally unfocused/ unproductiv.
Hello, all. I am in the science library, supposedly writing a spanish paper that is due at 2 PM on the morrow. I'm sort of almost done, but I just am completely lacking in any sort of focus right now... or ever. I actually don't have anything important to write, but I haven't written in this thing for about a month and a half/ however boring this entry may turn out to be, it has to be more interesting than "the ambivalent paternalism displayed by the clergy in 'Un destripador de antaño' by Emilia Pardo Bazán," which is what I'm writing about.

Some girl who got here after me just left because she finished her work. Fuck you, girl who actually gets your shit done. No, not really. It isn't her fault I'm unproductive. ::le sigh::

I went to a KANYE WEST concert last night in Rhode Island at URI. That meant I got to visit Mike! It was really fun and we ate tasty Greek food, which made up for the fact that we had to walk up the giant hill that is the URI campus in order to get to it. Fantasia was the opening act. You know, the one from American Idol. ha... she was actually pretty good. I wasn't expecting that, I gotta say.

To NH folks, I hope to see you over winter break because a) I probably will not be in the Nash for more than a day for Thanksgiving break and b) If you are not going to be around for the first part of next summer, I will not see you for a year because I'm going to Argentina (well, hopefully. Argentina/ Australia/ somewhere else, but probably Argentina). I just realized that a couple days ago.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Wrinklyface Miers has decided not to pursue a seat on the Supreme Court because no one likes her. Hopefully, the next victim/ nominee is actually qualified and not an ideologue (fat chance).
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Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Subject:Excess humidity = super lame
Time:4:53 pm.
Mood: hot.
I've been back at Wesleyan for 12 days now, but it feels like forever. I feel like I already know a bunch of new people (well, new to me) fairly well already. Yesterday, one of my friends and I were talking about something that happened "a long while ago," but it had actually only been a week and a half. College is strange that way.

Um, some guy outside my window, who was naked, just put on some pants in the middle of the courtyard. Well, now he isn't naked anymore. Maybe Wesleyan is just really weird. I might not be surprised to see that on a weekend, but it's 5 PM on a Thursday. I swear I did not make that up; it actually just happened as I was typing about self-discovery or something lame like that (which I then promptly deleted in favor of the naked story).

Oh yeah:


Fuck yeah. I'm so excited, as I have not seen Weezer since summer 2002. Not only that, but I am of the belief that Dave Grohl is awesome (and I never really liked Nirvana) and Hot Hot Heat is fairly neato as well.

It is so hot and humid here. I miss central air. Maybe I'll go to the science library tonight. It's super cold there and that way, I might actually start reading before 8 PM.

I have green curtains from IKEA and they're awesome.
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Friday, August 26th, 2005

Subject:T minus ::8:: days until school
Time:7:06 pm.
Mood: restless.
Well, it's finally happened. I am no longer a band geek/nerd. I guess I'm still a band affiliate, though. Technically, I guess my tenure as a band person ended over a year ago after the Memorial Day parade/ spring concerts/ whatever else jazz band may have done, but I still felt like a band person at the time. I got back from the North marching band camp performance about a half hour ago or so, and have come to the conclusion that I am no longer part of the loop, let alone out of it. I didn't even know most of the kids there, seeing as how the (few) sophomore friends I had are now seniors. It was nice to talk to the few I do know, though, albeit a tad awkward/ strange. Oh well. So what am I now, now that I have nothing whatsoever to do with any music program? Dunno. A typical pre-law college student, I guess. YAY!

And now for something completely different: Mike, Missy, Katie, and I spent 3+ hours yesterday night playing video games. It gets worse. Among the games we played were the following: Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Puzzle League, and Mario Kart... all on N64! Ahhhhhh. So outdated and dorky, but fun.

Degrassi season finale tonight. OOOOOOOO.
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Thursday, July 28th, 2005

Subject:Mind of Mencia is definitely overrated.
Time:1:06 am.
Mood:damn good, actually.
More than two months have passed since I left school, which means that summer is more than half over. What does it all mean? Well, aside from the fact that my days of blissful idleness are now numbered, it means that I'll be back in Connecticut sooner than later. I have mixed feelings about that.

On the plus side...
+ Shiny new dorm room just for me (in a different Butt)
+ School friends
+ New classes
+ No more being bored
+ Freshmen

On the negative side...
- Schoolwork (namely, lots and lots of papers)
- Morning classes (MWF 8 AM, T/Th 9 AM) all week, every week
- Eating Wesleyan "food"
- Freshmen

I'm currently watching a commercial for the movie Guess Who. In case you are not familiar with the film, it stars Bernie Mac as a racist father who disapproves of his beautiful daughter's lame white boyfriend, played by Ashton Kutcher. Well, I don't think the movie wishes to project Bernie Mac's character as a bigot, but that's essentially the reality. Now, I know racial discourse can be pretty amusing, but what if this movie, a comedy, tried to make light of white parents disapproving of their daughter's black suitor? Something tells me that the NAACP, among others, wouldn't be too happy about it. It's amazing how little a product of pop culture has to change in order to cross the borderline from "funny" to "offensive." Have I seen the movie? Nope. Will I? Probably not, even though Bernie Mac rules. It does look more entertaining than Spy Kids 3, though. Blech.

Some kid on the Wesleyan community posted about his new room, which happens to be Lauren's room from last year and right down the hall from my old one. How weird is that? Keep in mind that earlier this summer, I also met someone who had that same room when he was a freshman at Wes. Oddly enough, I met him on a FARM in Random, Massachusetts. I wonder if I'll meet the person who has my old room. I had planned on making my mark on it somewhere, maybe on the desk, but I never got around to it. Hmm.

I want to go to Canada again. Katie wants to go, too, and Missy has expressed interest. Our neighbor to the North really has some things going for it, such as curling (the sport with brooms), the Weakerthans, and Degrassi: the Next Generation. Not too bad, eh?
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Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Subject:Hang the DJ!
Time:1:29 pm.
Mood: happy.
You know, a while ago, I recall hearing about this movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal/ Heath Ledger/ Colin Farrell/ Orlando Bloom as gay frontier cowboys. Since I began hearing the hype for this film more than a year ago and had yet to actually read/see any press about it, I figured it didn't actually exist. Apparently, I was wrong (yay)! ...although I guess I did make up the part about Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom being in it; it's just Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Anyway, here's the poster:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
December 2005

In other news, I have a sample of the Britney Spears fragrance, and have concluded that it smells kind of bad.

That is all.
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Saturday, June 25th, 2005

Subject:I just found a piece of garlic on my arm, and I don't know how it got there...
Time:4:36 pm.
Mood: happy.
Well, freaking EmG tagged me for the favorite songs thing. Since she's ultra not-lame and I'm actually recording a mix tape right now on my stereo, I figured I might as well fill it out again:
5 Favorite Songs at the Moment
  • Mos Def - "Mr. Nigga"
  • Keane - "Somewhere Only We Know"
  • Ratatat - "Germany to Germany"
  • Whitney Houston - "Queen of the Night (remix)"
  • Hot Water Music - "I Was On a Mountain"

Why is making lists of songs so fun? I don't know. Hey, if anyone has a suggestion for the title of this particular mix tape, I'd really appreciate it. Normally, I compile what's going to go on the tape and then a title comes to me, but this time I'm stuck. The aforementioned tape has songs by the following artists:

Cee-Lo, Earth Wind & Fire, Buena Vista Social Club, Electric Light Orchestra/ELO, Whitney Houston, Hot Water Music, Ratatat, Coldplay, Blink182, BOne Thugs N' Harmony, Mos Def, Common, Keane, Kelly Clarkson, My Chemical Romance, Celia Cruz, John Mayer, Destiny's Child, the DOors, Gorillaz

So yeah, the other night I went with Chloe and Missy to CHloe's friend's house in Random, Massachusetts for a small gathering/ party type thing. While there, I met some people who know some guy I know at Wes, saw my first 10 foot tall glow in the dark phalliac sculpture, spilled my drink twice, turned red (as usual), saw my favorite person ever (aka Manu Ginobli) but only on TV, called Stephen, and stole a wine cork. It was an interesting experience, I suppose.

I'm currently waiting for a certain Katie Wise to get home from work to see if she still wants to go see the Get Up Kids' LAST SHOW EVER... well, their last show in Massachusetts ever. I really can't afford the $20 ticket at the moment, but I've never been very sensible when it comes to shows and bands I like. Maybe I'll even buy some useless merchandise! Hey, I've bought a SCARF and an UMBRELLA from Big D and the Kids Table, so if I come back with a coffee mug cozy that says "The Get Up Kids" on it, do not be surprised.

Other things of note:
  • I caved and bought the new Coldplay CD. It's good, but just seems kind of like the other COldplay CDs I have... is that bad?
  • I still need to see HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE, even if I have to drive all the way to Cambridge. Who's with me? C'mon, someone speak up, because if I ask this and then get no comments, I'll look even more pathetic... wahh.
  • If you like music and get bored easily, join AUDIOSCROBBLER! My username is easternxyouth.
  • Nashua's favorite celebrity, Mandy Moore, is in the studio making another album (a precious tidbit I learned from TRL). I know yall were dying to hear that.
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Friday, June 17th, 2005

Subject:TGIF! ...not really. oh well.
Time:6:38 pm.
Mood:just dandy.
If there's one good thing about school, it's that you learn to value the individual days of the week, and thus the best days (usually Friday and Saturday) are something to look forward to, even if that means you end up dreading the worst ones (...Monday). With summer, it's a different story (unless you're taking summer classes/ have a 9-5 Monday-Friday job). Today is Friday. So what? How is it different than Wednesday or Tuesday? Fridays lose their magic for me in the summer, which is a bit sad. Then again, I guess now every day could be as fun as a Saturday since I have no work to do. NICE! CRIKEY! </ Australian accent >

I'm going to New York soon for Father's Day. We'll probably just end up hanging around Chinatown and I can be with my people of the Asian variety. You know, sooner than later, I would like to go to New York and do all the touristy things for once. We (my family) never do any of that crap, most likely due to the fact that they're all from NYC/ Long Island and couldn't really care less about standing in the middle of Times Square. Maybe I'll go there with some friends and do stupid things like stand outside MTV studios screaming like a pre-teen, see a Broadway play, ogle the Plaza Hotel, and whatever else my temporarily touristy heart desires. Hey, it's probably more fun than Chinatown.

Someone, I can't remember who, "tagged" me to do that thing where you post the names of six of your current favorite songs. I think I'm supposed to tag six people, but I'm too lazy to single anyone out, so if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged:
Six of My Current Favorite Songs:
  • Thelonious Monk - "Japanese Folk Song (Kojo No Tsuki)"
  • Common - "Faithful"
  • Earth Wind and Fire - "Let Me Talk"
  • John Mayer - "Something Missing"
  • Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - "Me and Mia"
  • Cee-Lo Green featuring Pharrell - "The Art of Noise"

And now... a SURVEY (aka I don't feel like actually writing anymore)!:

Survey (note: I have omitted the lame questions, so if you feel jipped, that's very sad for you.)Collapse )
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Thursday, May 12th, 2005

Subject:Power and the money, money and the power...
Time:1:00 pm.
Mood:bleggg.... but in a good way.
If anyone can finish that lyric (whose name doesnt rhyme with Bauren Boore/Bace), I will give them one of the following: a) a free eraser; b) a cookie; or c) a pat on the back. Hint: it's not my current music.

I am leaving school on Saturday morning. I was actually done on Tuesday at noon, but now I'm just hanging out for a 3-4 day vacation in Connecticut. Pretty exciting. Some of my friends still have finals going on, but I'm basically just here for the sake of being here. I also have negative desire to pack my shit.

Hmm... I'm too lazy to write a cohesive entry, so I'll put things in bullet form! Yay!
  • I can't wait to not pay sales tax for every fucking thing I buy.
  • I saw Kirsten the other night in BOston. It was kind of weird. Well, actually, no, beceause she goes to BU and we were at Axis, but whatever. She seems happy, though, so that's good.
  • I have to go to work soon. Balls.
  • I need a job.
  • Drug testing sucks.
  • I decided that I guess I just can't work at Target, and that I will be stoned out of my fucking mind in about 4 hours.

ANyway, to people at home, I hope to see you this coming week/ some time this summer. Whee.
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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Subject:a State of the Union type post
Time:6:39 pm.
Whoops. I kind of haven't written in the faithful old livejournal for about a month and a half. I guess I've been busy, but it seems more likely that the novelty of online journals is beginning to wear off for me (after a mere fourish years!). Ah, how times have changed.

It's so strange that in a month and five or six days, I'll be home from my first year in college. This year has been great; I love school. It makes a little sad to see some people I know not coming back for whatever reason. I guess it's just hard for me to fathom someone working so hard to get here (college) and then having it be the wrong choice for them, whether it be formal schooling in general or just Wesleyan. I'll admit I thought about transferring once or twice (sort of to Wellesley, sort of to basically anywhere in California), but mostly because I'd like to be able to experience so many schools that I think are great.

I really wish I could go somewhere fun (and preferably exotic) this summer, but it looks like I'll just be getting a regular old job. I don't know who'll be around (besides me, of course), and hope that I get to see everyone. Things aren't so hot when it comes to keeping in touch with people. I don't really talk to anyone regularly, with the exception of Katie online. It's a shame, but I'd be lying if I said that surprised me.

On a lighter note, it's been a really nice day today. You know it's spring when you get a mosquito bite. In my case, it's on my forehead. YES.

do you have a job: sure
your cd player has in it right now: john coltrane
if you were a crayon what color would you be?: cerulean
what makes you happy: laying around with friends, good music, driving
what's the next cd you're gonna get?: probably the new Weezer whenever that comes out
who do you consider good friends?: various people
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Sunday, February 20th, 2005

Time:12:49 am.
Mood: cranky.
Now hear this mixture
where hip hop meets scripture
Develop this negative
into a positive picture

If anyone can tell me which Lauryn Hill song that's from (no cheating on search engines!), I'll give them a cookie some time before either of us die.

This week blew. The only good parts were Valentine's Day and watching the Meccha Streisand episode of South Park. I have a lot on my mind (in pretty much every sense of the word), but I still think next week has to be better. Hey, I've still got my subwoofer.

Two weeks until spring break?

PS: I really want to see I <3 huckabees.
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Thursday, January 27th, 2005

Time:5:23 pm.
Mood:tired... so tired.
You are
My fire
The one
but I..


You scored as Drama/Suspense. Congratulations, you scored Drama. You don't need special effects as long as you have great direction, acting and a conflicting story. The inside look at human nature is what makes a movie for you. Check out: 21 Grams, Mystic River, Reservoir Dogs, Tape.






Sadistic Humour






Romantic Comedy


Mindless Action Flick


Movie Recommendation.
created with QuizFarm.com

I just kind of like everything, I suppose, except for mindless action movies. I'd rather watch paint dry than Vin Diesel.
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Saturday, January 22nd, 2005

Subject:Jesus tap dancing Christ!
Time:2:25 pm.
Mood: content.
Hot damn, yo. It's snowing a lot here in good ol' CT. We're supposed to get 18-24 inches tonight and tomorrow. It better be clear by Monday, though, so Katie can still come visit me. Speaking of Wee Katie, Mrs. Wise cut out that article about Wesleyan for me. It's about how grossly leftist the school is and basically how we suck. That writer will get his comeuppance sooner than later, I suspect. Mwahaha.

I'm so glad to be back at school. I enjoyed my time at home, but it's good to be back in the swing of things. My classes are pretty sweet. I have my new work schedule. I ate Thai food last night. It's also good to see everyone. I didn't realize how accustomed I was to having all my friends live within walking distance of my room. Granted, at home, most of my friends are a 2-10 minute drive away, but still. Basically, woo Wesleyan!


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Saturday, January 1st, 2005

Subject:MMV... commence!
Time:2:11 pm.
Mood: groggy.
I really like Roman numerals. I was trying to think of an excuse to use them in my entry title besides something involving "MMV," but gave up halfway through.

So it's a new year again. I've already made mental notes of a few "firsts" of MMV:
  • First movie: the South Park movie, although I'd prefer to say Garden State, which I watched right after the South Park movie
  • First album I listened to: Sketches (for my Sweetheart the Drunk) by Jeff Buckley
  • First TV Show: South Park (the Faith Plus One episode)
  • First picture taken: I took one of Katie Wise half-sleeping under Tammy's card table. She looks kind of dead, but not really.

Sixteen days left of my winter break before I have to go back to school and learn again. I'm looking forward to my classes, of course, but not to slaving away all the time (again). Plus, college life is pretty intense. It's very mellow here. I recently realized that although I occasionally like going out to have fun (i.e. to party parties), I'm mostly a homebody who likes movies, books, and music and who has friends for some reason. Basically, I'm pretty boring. For a while, I think I tried to rid myself of that label, not because it really carries a stigma or anything, but because I felt like that didn't really fit with the college life I wanted to lead. Anyway, I was full of crap and now feel the need to just mellow out and not do anything while listening to Jeff Buckley or other sad white boy music. Well, I want to go to the Rise Against show that's in three days, but other than that, I don't really feel like doing anything too strenuous/exciting, depending on how your perspective.

I'm drinking "spring water" out of the gallon jug with a towel on my head and a bruise on my inner lip. Yeah 2005! Wait. I mean MMV.

I feel like a tool for doing this, but then again, what better way to start off my LJ year than by feeling like a tool? Anyway: Leave anonymous comments about whatever. I can't remember the whole shebang about a love/hatred/fear for me that you may have, but regardless, go for it. I'd do it for you.
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Monday, December 6th, 2004

Subject:T Minus 19 days, bitches!
Time:11:40 am.
I think my being displaced from home/ an environment where I drive around and don't stay on campus all the time has taken away from my Christmas spirit. I mean, obviously there is no tree. I have no lights up. There are no evil-smelling Yankee Candle candles in various overpowering "holiday" scents (My mom is very fond of those). Actually, on the contrary, my hall smells like pot ALL THE TIME. YAY! Plus, I doubt Wesleyan has a clear majority Christian student body (as opposed to good ol' WASP Land aka New Hampshire), so there are obviously a lot of people here who just don't give a crap.

I have compensated by downloading an obscene amount of corny, cheesy, contrived, annoying, sickeningly wholesome Christmas music. Think Bing Crosby, Harry Connick Jr, NSync, Weezer, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, SAVAGE GARDEN (shoot me now), Alvin & the Chipmunks, Ruben Studdard, and I even threw some Xtina Aguilera in there. I know. I have no shame. It's fun, though. It makes me smile in spite of myself. I also did some Christmas shopping online yesterday. Whee!

THE SEMESTER IS ALMOST OVER. AHHHHHHHHHHH. I can't wait to get my International Politics exam over with (it's the only exam I have during exam period). I can't wait to finish my Three Great Myths final project. I also need to work during Exam Period so I can get people presents/ be slightly less poor, so I shall be slaving away at good ol' Olin, but I'll be able to be home around the 20th. If I didn't work, I'd be home the 17th.

Bing Crosby rules the school.
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Monday, November 29th, 2004

Subject:Ain't no thang like a chicken wing...
Time:5:29 pm.
Mood: tired.
Let me just say right now that I love my sub-woofer. It's my new best friend. I brought my speakers (and obviously the aforementioned subwoofer) to school from my house because the sound on my laptop speakers is abysmal. Now I can annoy my neighbors with loud rap music! Yay! Well, I listen to other stuff, too, but the rap is the easiest to hear from the hall/other rooms. People tend to not get as pissed off when someone is blasting Hall & Oates or Jewel in the dorm. Actually, I thimk I'd get very upset if I heard the sounds of Jewel blasting in my hall. Crazy wack ass upset, if you will.

So yeah, Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was good to see all the Nashva folk, including some of yall who still go to school there. The Turkey Bowl was fun, but weird for a plethora (yes bitch I just used a vocab word) of reasons, especially the fact that the weather was 60 degrees! I don't think I saw any AP Gov people, but I'm sure they all had fun at Panera and I'll see them over winter break. I guess everyone's changed, but I didn't feel like I hardly knew any of them anymore or anything. I was kind of afraid of that.

I had classes again today. That was wack, let me tell you. Spanish class this morning was painful. My professor tried to get us to discuss this Allende story we read, but to no avail. It just wasn't happening because we all just kind of stared at her with our mouths hanging open/ drooling. It wasn't that I didn't do the work/ didn't like the story, my brain just was not functioning. As for Astronomy, most of the class is like that normally, so it really wasn't any different.

Current music: Outkast - the album with Rosa Parks/ So Fresh So Clean/ The Whole World/ B.O.B.
Current taste: kind of like gum, but I had that at 2
Current hair: down? clean? brown?
Current desktop picture: screenshot from Spirited Away
Current book: I'm attempting to read Doce cuentos peregrinos by García Márquez, but it's taking me forever because I have crap I need to read for classes.
Current color of toenails: skin colored?
Current time-wasting wish: dunno, but I need some drugs because my head is killing me.
Current hate: this evil CCIV project I need to do
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